Garlic Flakes Production Line With Processing Dehydrate Garlic

garlic chips production line

Garlic Flakes Production Line Description

Dehydrate garlic is more and more common in our lives, it will not reduce the nutrients of garlic, but also help the preservation of garlic.It is the best choice for deep processing of garlic. The garlic flakes production line is to make fresh garlic into garlic flakes through the processing steps of breaking the cloves, peeling, slicing, cleaning, air-drying and drying. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, stable operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life. If you are new to garlic flakes production line, don’t worry, we will provide customized solutions.

Dehydrate Garlic Manufacturing Processes

1.garlic separating

garlic peeling machine

2.garlic peeling

3.garlic washing

4.garlic air-drying

garlic slicing machine

5.garlic slicing

6.garlic dehydration

garlic separating machine

1. Use a garlic separator to divide the whole garlic into garlic granules. It not only shortens the garlic processing time and increases the garlic processing yield, but also does not affect the surface of the garlic. It is a machine that saves time and effort.

2. Before processing garlic slices, the garlic needs to be peeled first, and peeling is a difficult and time-consuming processing step. The garlic peeling machine can solve these problems and realize the quick and clean removal of garlic skin.


3. In order not to affect the taste and color of the garlic, the peeled garlic must be cleaned to remove the impurities attached to the surface. The garlic cleaning machine uses bubble cleaning to rub the garlic by simulating artificial movements without damaging the surface of the garlic.


4.The function of the garlic drying machine is to remove the moisture from the surface of the cleaned garlic. It uses air drying, which is faster than natural drying and greatly reduces the drying time of garlic. Air-dried garlic is not easy to spoil.


4. After removing the moisture from the garlic, cut the garlic into slices of appropriate thickness. The slice thickness of the garlic slicer can be adjusted according to your own needs. The blade is sharp, the slicing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the effect is good.


5. Garlic dryer  machine is the key machine for making garlic slices, it can dry garlic quickly and has a large output. It can control the temperature and time to prevent changing the color and smell of garlic.

Garlic Flakes Processing Machine For Sale Product Advantages

1.Provide Customized Solutions
We can provide customized processing solutions for dehydrate garlic according to customer needs. The production line includes semi-automatic processing and fully automatic processing. If starting a new business of drying garlic processing, we can provide all services from plant design to equipment production to ensure that customers can complete the garlic processing and production business.

2. Food-Grade Stainless Steel
The whole garlic flakes processing machine for sale is made of stainless steel that meets the national food safety standards, which will not pollute the garlic and cause no harm to the human body. The processed garlic slices can be eaten immediately. In addition, it has a long mechanical service life, and strong corrosion resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain. It is the best choice for garlic processing companies.

3. High Drying Effect
Garlic flakes processing machine for sale are all continuous mesh belt dryers. The items to be dried by mesh belt drying use the upper layer to be flipped over and naturally fall to the lower layer, so that the roasted garlic is evenly heated, which prevents workforce from stirring the garlic and causing damage.

4. Wide Range Of Application
This garlic flakes production line has a wide range of applications, suitable for all kinds of garlic slices, ginger slices, garlic granules, dried fruit, moringa leaves and so on. It is suitable for many small and medium-sized garlic processing enterprises, including garlic dealers, garlic growers, garlic processing plants and other fields.

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