Automatic Garlic Powder Production Process Line

garlic powder processing plant

Garlic Powder Production Line Description

We rely on many years of production experience to manufacture the garlic powder production line, which is simple and efficient, saves time and effort, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The garlic powder production process line is made of food-grade stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about safety issues, and it can be customized with a variety of energy supply methods. The output of the garlic powder production line can be customized according to the customer’s processing needs. In addition, we also provide customers with solutions, even if it is a new business of garlic powder processing, there is no need to worry.

Garlic Powder Production Process

garlic separating machine

1.garlic separating

garlic peeling machine

2.garlic peeling

garlic washing machine

3.garlic washing

garlic slicing machine

4.garlic cutting

garlic drying machine

5.garlic drying

garlic grinding machine

6.garlic grinding

garlic spitting machine

.1. The garlic clove separating machine is a utility model plus machine, which uses a blower to separate the garlic cloves from the crumbs of the garlic skin, the garlic stems and the garlic roots. No damage to garlic.

2. The garlic after the cloves is peeled, and the garlic skin removing machine uses the principle of gas peeling to peel the garlic. Different varieties of garlic have different peeling efficiencies, and the best peeling rate is about 98%, which basically achieves complete peeling.

3. Garlic should be cleaned after peeling to prevent it from affecting the smell of post-processing. The garlic washing machine can remove the dust on the surface of the garlic and the sticky garlic skin, and the cleaned garlic is more clean and hygienic.

garlic cutting machine

4. The garlic slicer has sharp blades, fast slicing speed, convenient disassembly and assembly, and convenient maintenance. Cut the garlic into slices of the appropriate thickness, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted according to your needs.

Garlic Dehydrator

5. The temperature and humidity of the garlic drying machine can be controlled, which saves a lot of time compared with natural drying. The function is to quickly dry the fresh garlic slices, which is an important link in the production of garlic powder.

6. This garlic powder making machine is small in size, but has high work efficiency. It can quickly grind dried garlic into powder, and the thickness of garlic powder can be adjusted. It is a versatile and efficient machine.

Garlic Powder Production Line Product Advantages

1. Machine Runs Smoothly
We use superb welding technology to produce a smooth surface of the garlic powder production line without excess edges and corners. Compact structure, stable operation, no noise pollution. Strong mechanical material, not easy to deform.

2. Good Drying Effect
When the garlic slices are dried, the drying box is used, and the drying box adopts the insulation device to prevent the heat from dissipating, and the temperature and humidity of the drying box can be controlled. The dried garlic slices are crisp and can be directly crushed by hand, which is convenient for later grinding.

3. Mechanical Multifunctional
This production line can produce not only garlic powder but also Moringa powder, ginger powder, and other powders. It can realize the advantages of multiple uses of a garlic powder production line and realize the use-value of multiple processing.

4. High Processing Efficiency
The whole garlic powder production line can realize continuous work and improve the processing efficiency of garlic powder. The time and labor cost of garlic powder processing manufacturers are reduced, and a large amount of garlic powder can be obtained at the same time, thereby improving the efficiency and profit of processing.

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