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garlic powder processing plant

Garlic Powder Processing Plant Product Description

Garlic powder is made of garlic as raw material. Garlic powder is obtained by dividing, peeling, slicing, cleaning, air-drying, drying and grinding the garlic through the garlic powder production line. The particle size of garlic powder can be obtained by adjusting the equipment according to the processing requirements, and the color of garlic powder can also be controlled. We are a garlic powder plant machinery manufacturer, with many years of production experience, the equipment has been exported to more than 180 countries in the world. We have been providing customers with turnkey projects, providing a series of services from garlic powder plant cost design to equipment production, helping customers’ garlic powder processing business to be successful.

Garlic Powder Plant Machinery Manufacturing Processes

garlic separating machine

1.garlic separating

garlic peeling machine

2.garlic peeling

garlic washing machine

3.garlic washing

garlic slicing machine

4.garlic cutting

garlic drying machine

5.garlic drying

garlic grinding machine

6.garlic grinding

garlic separating machine

1. The output of this machine can be customized according to different processing requirements, and it is the necessary equipment for garlic processing. The garlic splitter quickly splits the garlic without damaging the garlic, and separates the garlic cloves from the crumbs of garlic skin, garlic stems and garlic roots.

2.Garlic needs to be peeled before processing garlic slices. Garlic peeling machine uses the principle of gas peeling to peel garlic, solve a difficult and time-consuming process step, and achieve rapid cleaning and removal of garlic skin.

garlic cleaning machine

3.The garlic cleaning machine adopts the bubble cleaning method, and rubs the garlic by simulating human actions, without damaging the surface of the garlic. Garlic should be cleaned after peeling, so as not to affect the smell after processing. Garlic washing machine can remove the dust and sticky garlic skin on the surface of garlic.


4. The garlic slicer with a sharp blade will cut the garlic into slices of appropriate thickness, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted according to your own needs. The slicing speed is fast, and it is an important machine for garlic powder processing.

5. The key function of the garlic dryer is to quickly dry the fresh garlic slices with a large output. Its temperature and humidity can be controlled, saving a lot of time compared to natural drying.


5. The convenient garlic grinder quickly grinds dry garlic into powder with high working efficiency. The thickness of garlic powder can be adjusted. There are also different models to choose from, suitable for the processing of new and old garlic powder, ginger powder, etc.

Garlic Powder Processing Plant Product Advantages

1.Health And Safety
The garlic powder processing plant is made of food-grade stainless steel, which will not affect the color and smell of the garlic surface. The garlic peeling machine adopts the principle of gas peeling, which will not damage the surface of the garlic. The garlic powder produced by the production line can be eaten directly.

2. High Production Efficiency
When the machine is working, the speed is fast and the efficiency is high, which can realize continuous production and save production time and labor costs. Compared with manual production, the production efficiency of this production line is greatly improved, up to thousands of kilograms per hour, and it is essential equipment for garlic powder processing.

3. Factory Can Be Designed
If it is a new business of garlic powder processing, we can design and provide garlic powder processing plant construction planning drawings, as well as layout drawings of equipment placement according to the size of the plant. Design according to customer’s processing needs.

4. Mechanical Can Be Tested
If you want to test the garlic powder plant machinery, this is not a problem. We have our own processing factory, which can help customers carry out mechanical operation tests, so that customers can buy with confidence and use them with confidence.

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