Garlic Peeling Production Line With Garlic Separating Peeling Packing Processing


Garlic Peeling Production Line Description

The garlic peeling production line realizes the automatic production of garlic processing.Garlic processing line replaces manual processing of garlic cloves, peeling, cleaning, air drying, and packaging. The processed garlic can be sold directly, which increases the use value of garlic and reduces the waste of labor and time costs. We are a manufacturer of garlic processing line solutions, which can customize garlic processing solutions according to customer needs.

Garlic Peeling Line Manufacturing Processes

1.garlic separating

2.garlic peeling

3.garlic washing

4.garlic air-drying

5.garlic packing

garlic separating machine

1.The garlic separation machine is able to divide the whole garlic into grains of garlic, which can replace the manual processing of garlic. It shortens the processing time of garlic, increases the output of garlic processing, and is a necessary equipment in the garlic peeling production line.

2.The peeling effect of the garlic peeling machine is very good. If the garlic is very dry, the peeling effect can be as high as 98%. And it will not damage the surface of the garlic cloves during work. It is the most ideal equipment for garlic processing manufacturers.


3.Garlic washing machine can remove dust and harmful substances such as pesticides and flying insects on the surface of garlic. Does not affect the smell and color of garlic. The cleaned garlic is clean and hygienic and can be eaten directly.


4.The function of the garlic drying machine is to remove the moisture from the surface of the cleaned garlic. It uses air drying, which is faster than natural drying and greatly reduces the drying time of garlic. Air-dried garlic is not easy to spoil.

5.The air-dried garlic enters the garlic packing machine, and the garlic packing machine can weigh and pack the garlic. The equipment can be set according to your own packaging weight requirements, and its weighing density is accurate, making garlic processing more intelligent.

Garlic Peeling Line Advantages

1. Stainless Steel Material

The whole garlic peeling line is made of food-grade stainless steel, which can maintain the color and smell of garlic and has a long service life. It is easy to clean and maintain, it can be cleaned directly with water, and it has strong corrosion resistance.

2. High-Quality Production Effect

The peeling rate of the garlic peeling machine in this garlic separating and peeling production line can reach about 95%, which can achieve the effect of one-time peeling and cleaning. And the peeling is done in a closed space, so that the garlic will not be oxidized and deteriorated.

3. The Output Can Be Customized
The output of the garlic processing line can be customized according to the processing needs. If you want to start a new garlic processing business, you only need to put forward your own production requirements, and we will provide you with solutions and factory machinery placement design services according to your needs.

4. High Mechanical Properties
The garlic peeling and packing machine can not only peel garlic, but also peel onions, achieving a variety of effects in one machine. The garlic packaging machine adopts a multi-head weighing machine, which has a high degree of automation, and the packaging weight can be set freely, and a variety of items can be packaged.

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