Garlic Drying Process Chips Production Line

garlic chips production line

Garlic Chips Production Line Description

Garlic chips production line is to make garlic into dried garlic chips, which can maintain the flavor and nutrition of garlic and facilitate storage and transportation. Garlic chips processing line includes two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, which can be customized according to production demand. The garlic drying process production line includes garlic cloves, peeling, cleaning, dicing, air-drying, drying and other machinery. It has the advantages of stable operation, strong practicability, high production efficiency and customizable output. It is an essential production line for garlic flakes processing. If you want to start a garlic chips processing business, you can contact us, and we will provide solutions to help your garlic processing business succeed.

Garlic Drying Process

1.garlic separating

2.garlic peeling

3.garlic washing

4.garlic air-drying

garlic slicing machine

5.garlic slicing

6.garlic dehydration

garlic separating machine

1. This garlic breaking machine can divide garlic of different sizes into garlic particles. It not only shortens the processing time of garlic, saves labor costs, but also does not affect the surface of garlic. The output can be customized according to different processing requirements.

2. The garlic peeling machine solves a difficult and time-consuming process step. Before the garlic slicing process, the garlic needs to be peeled first. The garlic peeling machine uses the gas peeling principle to peel the garlic to realize the rapid cleaning and removal of the garlic skin.


3. In order not to affect the taste and color of the garlic, the peeled garlic must be cleaned to remove the impurities attached to the surface. The garlic cleaning machine uses bubble cleaning to rub the garlic by simulating artificial movements without damaging the surface of the garlic.


4. Air-dried garlic is not easy to deteriorate. The function of the garlic dryer is to remove the moisture on the surface of the cleaned garlic. It uses air drying, which is faster than natural air drying and greatly reduces the drying time of garlic.


5. The garlic slicer cuts the air-dried garlic into slices of appropriate thickness. The slice thickness can be adjusted according to your needs. The garlic slices can be cut crosswise or lengthwise.


6. The garlic dryer machine is a necessary machine for drying garlic slices. It can quickly dry garlic and has a large output. The temperature and time can be controlled to prevent discoloration and odor of garlic, which saves a lot of time than natural drying.

Garlic Chips Processing Line Advantages

1. High Work Efficiency
The machinery adopts well-known motors and powerful air pumps for each machine, which has high processing power and high work efficiency. Only a few people can complete the processing and production of garlic slices. This production line fully realizes automatic production, improves the production efficiency, and can dry up to thousands of kilograms of garlic slices per hour.

2. The Finished Product Has Good Effect
The temperature and humidity of the garlic dryer in the garlic chips processing line can be adjusted according to the needs of the finished product. It is only necessary to set the appropriate temperature and humidity. When it exceeds the standard, the machine will automatically stop to ensure the processing effect of the finished product.

3. Suitable For A Variety Of Garlic
The garlic chips production line is not picky about the variety of garlic processed, it can process ordinary garlic and black garlic, and it is not picky about the size of the garlic. It can be processed into whole garlic cloves or sliced or minced garlic.

4. Excellent Service
We provide customers with high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services, pre-sales customization, installation, commissioning and pre-sales services, and provide customized turnkey projects according to customer needs. The garlic chips production line is delivered from the factory and is equipped with a manual, which is convenient for customers to operate and use. We will also provide 24-hour online after-sales service, answer customer feedback, and go to the site for maintenance if necessary.

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