Garlic Powder Manufacturing Plant Process Of Making Garlic Powder

garlic powder processing plant

Garlic Powder Manufacturing Plant Product Description

The garlic powder manufacturing process includes processing steps such as garlic cloves, peeling, cleaning, slicing, air-drying, drying, and grinding. Garlic powder manufacturing plants can choose a garlic powder production line to process garlic according to the above processing steps. Garlic powder is not only convenient to preserve but also has a lot of practical value, which can be used as a daily spice. The garlic powder business is very simple, you only need to put forward the needs of process of making garlic powder, we will provide you with solutions and turnkey projects, so that the customer’s garlic powder processing business is no longer difficult.

Garlic Powder Manufacturing Processes

1.garlic separating

garlic peeling machine

2.garlic peeling

garlic washing machine

3.garlic washing

garlic slicing machine

4.garlic cutting

garlic drying machine

5.garlic drying

garlic grinding machine

6.garlic grinding


1. Garlic separation is the first step in garlic processing. Garlic splitting machinery can complete this step and quickly split the garlic without damaging the garlic. Its output can be customized according to different processing needs, and it is a practical and durable machine.

2. The garlic after the cloves is peeled, and the garlic skin removing machine uses the principle of gas peeling to peel the garlic. Different varieties of garlic have different peeling efficiencies, and the best peeling rate is about 98%, which basically achieves complete peeling.

3. Garlic should be cleaned after peeling to prevent it from affecting the smell of post-processing. The garlic washing machine can remove the dust on the surface of the garlic and the sticky garlic skin, and the cleaned garlic is more clean and hygienic.


4.The garlic slicer machine cuts the garlic into appropriate thickness slices, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted according to your own needs. The blade is sharp, the slicing speed is fast, the disassembly is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient.


4.The function of the garlic dryer is to quickly dry the fresh garlic slices, which is an important part of the production of garlic powder. Its temperature and humidity can be controlled, which saves a lot of time compared to natural drying.


5.The garlic grinding machine grinds the dried garlic into a powder state, and the thickness of the garlic powder can be adjusted. It is a multifunctional and efficient machine. There are also different output options, suitable for both new and old garlic powder businesses.

Process Of Making Garlic Powder Product Advantages

1.Energy Saving And Emission Reduction
The garlic dryer adopts advanced drying technology, the dryer dries the material evenly, and the heat preservation material is used to prevent the loss of heat, so as to achieve the effect of saving and emission reduction. And the temperature and humidity can be set according to the processing needs.

2. Provide Customized Services
We can customize according to the needs of customers. Customers only need to put forward their own production needs, including output and desired finished products. We will develop specific solutions based on needs, including factory design and equipment placement services.

3. Controllable Garlic Powder Particles
In the garlic powder manufacturing plant, the particle size of garlic powder can be adjusted, and different sieves can be obtained by screening. The garlic powder making machine can make garlic powder with different particle sizes, realizing the value of one machine with multiple functions.

4. Wide Range Of Application
The machinery in this garlic powder manufacturing process production line is suitable for the processing of many materials, such as ginger powder, chili powder, onion powder, moringa leaf powder and so on. It can be used in food processing plants, garlic powder sellers or garlic growers, etc.

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