Garlic Ginger Drying Machine Commercial Cost

1. It can automatically control temperature, humidity and time.
2. The material is white ultra-fine glass wool, which conforms to GMP standards and has little heat loss.
3. Baking pan and net pan are suitable for many industries.
4. Dry garlic slices can be produced in batches.


Introduction Of Garlic Drying Machine

Garlic drying machine commercial can quickly dry garlic in order to evaporate the moisture of garlic, which is one of the few ways to store garlic. Compared with natural drying, garlic dryer has better drying effect and higher efficiency, and can automatically control temperature, time and humidity. The temperature will automatically alarm. The garlic dryer greatly reduces the labor processing cost and is an essential equipment for garlic slice processing.

Features Of Garlic Drying Machine

1. The garlic drying machine commercial is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a long service life.
2. The double door of the machine is larger, which is convenient for garlic to be dispensed.
3. The garlic drying machine cost adopts a cabinet-type setting, which occupies a small area and is suitable for many occasions.
4. Mechanical operation is stable, no vibration, no noise.

Advantages Of Garlic Drying Machine Commercial

  1. The whole box adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the garlic drying machine hot air is circulated in the box, which is energy-saving and efficient.
  2. The built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan is adopted, which greatly reduces the heat loss and strengthens the heat transfer and storage.
  3. There is an adjustable air uniform plate in the box, which can adjust the opening up and down, so that the upper and lower temperatures in the box are uniform and the heating is even.
  4. The thickness of the thermal insulation layer is 80mm, and the garlic drying machine cost material is white ultra-fine glass wool, which conforms to the GMP standard and has little heat loss.
  5. The drying car and the drying plate are the unified standard of the industry, and the drying plate and the net plate are suitable for many industries and have strong interchangeability.
  6. High degree of automation, can automatically control temperature, humidity, and time.
  7. The dried garlic slices can be produced in batches, which improves the processing efficiency of garlic slices.

garlic ginger drying machine

Scope Of Application Of Garlic Ginger Drying Machine Cost

The hot air circulation oven is specially designed for industrialized mass production. The garlic drying machine commercial is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the drying of raw materials, Chinese herbal decoction pieces, extracts, powders, granules, granules, water pills, packaging bottles and other materials. Garlic ginger drying machine cost is also suitable for drying of dehydrated vegetables, feed, monosodium glutamate seasonings, chemical pigments, rubber, fibers, electronic components, new materials, clothing, food and other industries.

Parameters Of Garlic Dryer

 model GG-HX1-1 GG-HX2-2 GG-HX2-4 GG-HX3-6 GG-HX4-8
The number of baking cars 1 2 4 6 8
The number of baking disks 24 48 96 144 192
Door (fan) 1 2 2 3 4
Circulating fan (table) 1 1 2 3 4
Wet exhaust fan (table) 1 1 1 1 2
heating power (KW) 12 18 30 48 60
Before packaging size(MM) 1.6×1.2×2.35 2.5×1.2×2.35 2.5×2.2×2.35 3.5×2.2×2.35 4.8×2.2×2.35
Prepackage weight(KG) 470 760 1000 1650 2000
Post-package size(MM) 1.72×1.36×2.26 2.63×1.36×2.26 2.63×2.26×2.26 3.63×2.26×2.26 4.93×2.26×2.26
Weight after packaging(KG) 520 830 1100 1800 2150
 output(KG) 72 144 288 432 576

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