Processing Of Dried Garlic Flakes In Malaysia

In recent years, although Malaysia has been actively expanding the cultivation of garlic, due to the influence of climate and garlic species, there are not many advantages in size and appearance compared with Chinese garlic, so Malaysia’s garlic is mainly imported. Because garlic has health benefits, it is only imported and sold as an agricultural product, and the profit is low. For import enterprises, dried garlic slices are a good choice for garlic deep processing projects. Now I will take you to understand the processing of dried garlic chips in Malaysia.

1.Processing flow of dried garlic slices in Malaysia

The processing of dried garlic slices in Malaysia is generally to wash, split, peel, cut into thin slices of uniform thickness, blanch them in high temperature hot water of 80-85 degrees Celsius for three minutes, pick them up and rinse them in cold water. cool down. After removing the moisture on the surface of the garlic slices, place the garlic slices evenly on the material tray. Be careful not to place them too thickly. Then, stabilize the temperature of the dryer at 65 degrees Celsius and dry for 5.5-6 hours to ensure the moisture content of the garlic slices. below 6%. After the garlic slices are cooled, put the garlic slices into a box with a plastic bag and wait for 1-2 hours to stabilize the moisture transfer of the dried garlic slices. At this point, the drying of the garlic slices is officially completed.

2.Main equipment for processing dried garlic slices in Malaysia

  1. Garlic divider
    Greatly improve the efficiency of garlic cloves.
  2. Garlic peeler
    While peeling the garlic peeling machine, the damage to the garlic rice is minimized. This process can effectively separate the garlic rice and the garlic skin.
  3. Multifunctional vegetable cutter
    According to the needs, the garlic can be cut into uniform thick slices.
  4. Blanching machine
    After the garlic is sliced, it needs to be blanched in time to prevent discoloration and ensure the quality of the dried garlic slices.
  5. Washing machine
    The mucus of the garlic slices is washed away by the washing machine, the garlic slices are kept clean, and the cooling effect is also achieved.
  6. Air dryer
    The moisture on the surface of the garlic slices is effectively dried by the air dryer, which is convenient for entering the drying process.
  7. Heat Pump Dryer
    The trays are sent to the dryer, which not only ensures the drying effect, but also saves energy.
  8. Packaging machine
    Packaging according to needs, to ensure and improve product quality, to facilitate storage, transportation and sales.

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