General Processing Methods For Exporting Garlic From Mexico

Garlic bulbs are typically ready for harvest when the leaves start to dry and the bulbs have reached their full size.
Harvesting should be done carefully to avoid damaging the bulbs, as this can affect quality during storage and transportation.

Cleaning and Sorting:

Remove excess dirt and debris from the harvested garlic bulbs.
Sort the garlic bulbs based on size and quality to ensure uniformity in the exported product.


Garlic bulbs are usually cured to improve their storage life and enhance flavor.
Curing involves allowing the garlic bulbs to dry in a well-ventilated area with controlled humidity and temperature.

Quality Inspection:

Conduct thorough quality inspections to identify and eliminate any damaged, diseased, or substandard garlic bulbs.
Ensure compliance with international quality standards and regulations.


Grade the garlic bulbs based on size, color, and overall quality.
Different markets may have specific grading requirements that need to be adhered to for export.


Use appropriate packaging materials that protect the garlic bulbs during transit and storage.
Package garlic according to the specifications of the target market, including weight limits and labeling requirements.

Cold Storage:

Garlic is often stored in cold storage to maintain its quality and prevent sprouting.
Proper temperature and humidity control are crucial to extending the shelf life of the garlic.

Fumigation and Pest Control:

Comply with international regulations for pest control and fumigation.
Ensure that the garlic is free from pests and diseases that could be a concern for importing countries.


Prepare all necessary documentation, including certificates of origin, phytosanitary certificates, and any other required export paperwork.
Ensure compliance with the importing country’s regulations and standards.


Choose appropriate transportation methods, such as refrigerated containers, to maintain the quality of the garlic during transit.
Monitor and control temperature and humidity levels during transportation.

Market Research and Compliance:

Stay informed about the specific regulations and requirements of the target export markets.
Comply with food safety standards and labeling regulations to ensure acceptance in international markets.
By following these processing methods, garlic exporters can enhance the quality, safety, and marketability of Mexican garlic in the global market.

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