How Do They Peel Garlic In Factories?

With its pungent aroma and unique flavor, garlic is a staple ingredient in cuisines around the world. From pasta sauces to stir-fries, its versatility is limitless. But have you ever wondered how a garlic clove goes from bulb to kitchen ingredient, especially when it comes to the arduous task of how do they peel garlic in factories?Let’s dive into the fascinating world of garlic processing and uncover the secrets behind this culinary conundrum.

garlic harvest
Before we delve into the peeling process, it’s worth understanding where it all started: the garlic farm. Garlic planting usually involves planting individual cloves in the soil in the fall. During the winter, the cloves take root and begin to grow, eventually forming a bulb composed of multiple cloves when spring arrives. Garlic bulbs are harvested once they are mature, usually in the summer when the leaves begin to dry and turn yellow-brown.

Sorting and cleaning
After harvesting, garlic bulbs are transported to processing facilities where they are sorted and cleaned. This initial step involves separating the bulbs according to size and quality to ensure consistency in the final product. Wash and brush to remove any dirt or debris clinging to the bulbs, leaving clean, pristine cloves ready for the next stage of processing.

mechanical peeling
Once you have your garlic cloves ready, it’s time to work the magic of mechanical peeling. In a factory setting, specialized machine for garlic peeling are used to automate the peeling process and increase efficiency. These machines use a variety of techniques to separate the cloves from their skins. Gas peeling is a relatively commonly used machine for garlic peeling.

One method involves using a drum lined with rubber fingers or an abrasive surface. As the cloves tumble inside the drum, friction occurs, causing the skin to be worn away. The cloves are then passed through a series of sieves and air blasts to further remove any remaining debris, leaving behind perfectly peeled garlic cloves.

Strict quality control measures are taken throughout the entire peeling process to ensure that only the highest quality garlic cloves make it into the final product. Any cloves that fail to meet the required standards in appearance or integrity are discarded to ensure a quality end product for consumers.

Packaging and distribution
Once peeled, the garlic cloves are ready for packaging. They can be packaged into a variety of containers, from bulk bags for commercial use to smaller portions for retail. Proper packaging helps preserve the freshness and flavor of garlic while also ensuring consumer convenience.

in conclusion
Garlic’s journey from bulb to peeled clove is a testament to the ingenuity and innovation of modern food processing techniques. Through a combination of careful cultivation, advanced machinery and strict quality control, the factory is able to peel garlic cloves on a large scale and efficiently without compromising quality.

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