Customizable Automatic Garlic Paste Making Machine Manufacturers

1. Wide range of uses.
2. Stainless steel material, long service life.
3. The output varies from 70-2000 kg per hour.
4. It can be used stand-alone, or used with production line.


Introduction Of Garlic Paste Making Machine

The automatic ginger garlic paste making machine is made of stainless steel, instead of manually grinding garlic grains into the garlic paste. The ginger garlic paste making machine manufacturers are durable and wear-resistant, not easy to rust, and is made of food-grade materials, which will not pollute the garlic and can be processed safely.It is a necessary machine for garlic processing plants, large restaurants, central kitchens, hotels, schools and other occasions. The garlic paste making machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for material grinding in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, construction industry, and other industries. It is a multi-functional, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate machine.

garlic paste making machine price

Advantages Of Garlic Paste Making Machine Price

  1. It is centrifugal equipment, the mechanical equipment is simple to set up, and easy to operate, and maintain.
  2. Stainless steel material, durable and wear-resistant, not afraid of the corrosion of garlic oil.
  3. High efficiency and output, about twice the efficiency of ball mills and roller mills
  4. The diameter of the garlic finished product can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the machines.
  5. The ginger garlic paste making machine manufacturers small in size and occupies a small area, which is suitable for use in various occasions.
  6. There are various models of machinery to choose from, which can be customized according to the output demand of processing.
  7. Micronization has the functions of mixing, stirring, dispersing, and emulsifying at the same time.

garlic paste making machine

The Main Points Of The Operation Of Garlic Paste Making Machine

  1. Whether the tightening bolts are tightened (the tightening rotor bolts are left-handed bolts).
  2. Turn the two fixing rods counterclockwise at the same time (release the locked fixing rods).
  3. Rotate the adjusting ring counterclockwise not less than 90° (increase the gap between stator and rotor).
  4. Turn the rotor with a special wrench to check whether the rotor is stuck. If found, it is not allowed to start.
  5. Click the switch.
  6. Connect the inlet and outlet water according to the cooling water sign on the equipment.

Garlic Sauce Making Machine Parameters


 name  model Material processing finances(um)  output(t/h)  power of motor (kw) External size


 weight (kg)
Colloid mill GG-JMS-50 2-50 0.005-0.03 1.1/1.5 530×260×580 70
GG-JMS-80 0.07-0.5 4 680×380×930 210
GG-JMS-110 0.3-1.2 7.5 750×450×1000 280
GG-JMS-130 0.4-2.0 11/15 990×450×1100 400
GG-JMS-180 0.8-6.0 18.5/22 1000×480×1150 450
GG-JMS-240 4.0-12 37/45 1330×650×1300 1000
GG-JMS-300 6.0-25 75/90 1450×630×1420 1600

Before the garlic sauce is made, the garlic also needs to be peeled, and a garlic skin removing machine is also very necessary for garlic processing. If you are interested in garlic processing machinery, you can contact us and we will provide you with more information and quotations about the machinery.

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