American Customer Orders Garlic Sauce Production Line For New Garlic Business

American customers see our products on the website and initiate purchase information from us. The customer’s demand is to process garlic paste, but the customer is a new business and has no production experience. Describe the finished product you want to us, and the finished product is similar to mayonnaise. Let us customize a solution for him, and our account manager will carefully analyze the finished product after receiving the request. Since there are many types of garlic sauce, we have to customize it according to the finished product the customer wants to produce. Final formulation and processing technology: a small amount of garlic (1 part) with a lot of oil, some salt, lemon juice and water (12 parts, of which oil accounts for 10 parts), the oil needs to be added and stirred, salt, lemon juice And water can be added directly, so the flow of oil needs to be controlled and metered.

garlic sauce production line

The customer’s processing technology was confirmed, and the garlic sauce production line was customized for the customer according to the customer’s plant area and the required output per hour. The machinery required for the final confirmation is a garlic paste grinder, a garlic paste mixer, a garlic paste filling machine, a garlic paste sterilizer, a garlic paste packaging machine, etc. And these machines are tested on site in our factory, and the garlic sauce production line is transported to the customer’s hands when the production effect is good.

This case can prove that as long as you want to start a garlic sauce production business, you only need to propose the finished product you want, and we can provide you with a solution to make your garlic business successful. It not only improves the production efficiency, but also increases the production efficiency. What are you waiting for, please contact 008618595613260 and place an order.

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