Mexican Customer Purchases Garlic Peeling Production Line 500kg/H

Mexico is a major producer of garlic. Data show that in 2020, Mexican garlic production will increase by 4.3% to 86,500 tons. The United States is the main buyer of Mexican garlic with an 86.8% share. It was followed by Australia with 7.0% and France with 2.3%. Mexico is now the ninth largest producer in the world.

Our Mexican customer is a grower and distributor of garlic, and the customer wants to export his garlic to the US market after processing. Because the major supermarkets in the U.S. market are nitrogen-filled packaged peeled garlic and bagged peeled garlic. Clients seized this major market to develop garlic peeling and processing business, increasing the sales value of garlic and their own profits.

garlic peeling production line

When the customer found us, we customized a feasible solution for the customer according to the customer’s demand, and the customer’s demand output was 500 kg per hour. This garlic peeling production line includes: garlic clove breaking machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic washing machine, garlic drying machine, garlic packing machine and other machinery. According to the production time of the customer, we expeditiously complete the production and commissioning of the production line, and send the production line to the customer when all the results are good.

Working video of garlic peeling production line

The garlic peeling processing business is actually very simple, and it is very suitable for growers or distributors who have just started a garlic processing business. We have a variety of solutions for deep processing of garlic, and we can customize food processing equipment or production lines according to different yields, technological processes and processing methods, with stable mechanical properties and safe operation. If you want to start a garlic processing business, you can contact us and we will provide you with solutions and quotations.

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