Garlic Cleaning And Drying Line Exported To Trinidad

The client is a fruit and vegetable trader, in which garlic is also sold. The customer purchased the garlic cleaning and drying line this time, which is also additional equipment on the basis of the original equipment. The customer wants to further increase the processing output of garlic and increase the profit of processing. This article is the process sharing of this order.

garlic washing  machine

After receiving the customer’s purchase demand at that time, our account manager got in touch at the fastest speed, and made a detailed excavation of the customer’s demand, knowing that the customer is a fruit and vegetable trader and has the equipment to process fruits and vegetables. Now the customer wants to increase the equipment and expand the production output. What the customer needs now is a garlic cleaning and drying line. After the machinery is confirmed, our account manager will determine the output of the customer, provide the garlic cleaning and drying line with the corresponding output, and show the machinery of our factory to the customer. The customer expressed satisfaction after receiving the display video, and placed the order soon. Customers already have the equipment and have experience in importing equipment, and now more of our equipment is recognized.

garlic drying machine

Our machinery is customized according to the needs of customers. It can be seen from the pictures that all of them are made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. And our machinery runs smoothly and has a compact structure, without noise pollution and mechanical shaking. If you are interested in machinery, please leave a message, or add contact information, we will provide you with more information and quotations.

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