How Do You Remove Garlic Skin?

Fast remove garlic skin requires a garlic skin removing machine. The gas peeling method can ensure that the surface of the garlic is not damaged. It not only reduces labor time cost but also improves the production efficiency of garlic. How to remove garlic skin, the following article will explain the specific steps and details.

Garlic skin is relatively hard and cannot be eaten directly. Therefore, the garlic skin is usually removed before eating garlic. Peeled garlic has many uses. Peeled garlic can be sold or eaten directly. It can also be processed into garlic powder and garlic paste and garlic flakes. However, the garlic skin is generally close to the garlic flesh, which is very difficult to remove. If it is manually peeled, it is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive method. So how do you remove garlic skin?

garlic skin removing machine

The practice of removing garlic skin in daily life

Place the cloves on a cutting board. Place the flat part of a wide knife on it, press down hard, and you should hear the skin crunch. Then remove the knife and the garlic skin should peel off easily.

How do you remove garlic skin commercially?

The garlic skin removing machine is used in industrial peeling. The garlic skin removing machine is powered by electricity, and generates gas to blow air into the drum. The dried garlic is put into the hopper of the degasser. The vertical shaft rotates with the rubber pad, and then the feeding is closed. mouth to peel the garlic. Peel garlic in a closed environment. Under the action of the fan, blow the garlic skin to the outside, and the garlic head will come out from the other outlet to complete the peeling.

The garlic skin removing machine adopts the method of gas peeling and works in a closed gas chamber, so that the surface of the garlic will not be damaged, and the production efficiency of the garlic will be improved. It has the advantages of long service life, time saving and no pollution to garlic. If you want to start a garlic processing business, you can contact us and we will provide remove garlic skin machines and other garlic processing machinery.

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