How To Start A Garlic Powder Business?

Garlic powder as a seasoning is a necessity in our daily life, so it has a good prospect to develop garlic powder business and has a strong demand market. A garlic powder production line is necessary to start a garlic powder production business, here is how to use a garlic production line to produce garlic powder.

Garlic powder is a powder-like product, which is obtained by garlic cloves, peeling, slicing, drying, grinding and other processing steps, and has a strong sterilization and disinfection effect, which plays a certain role in human health. effect. Garlic powder is very common in daily life, so it has a good prospect to start a garlic powder business, so how to start a garlic powder processing business?

The most important thing to start a garlic powder processing business is to need a garlic powder production line. The garlic powder production line includes a garlic clove breaker, a garlic peeler, a garlic slicer, a garlic dryer, and a garlic grinder. This production line processes garlic cloves, peeling, slicing, drying, and grinding.

garlic powder production line

Garlic Separator:

The garlic clove machine used to separate garlic cloves can replace the manual separation of garlic cloves quickly, and can adjust the gap between machines. It can separate garlic of different sizes and varieties, and the separation rate can reach about 98%. . The operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient, and one person can complete the division of garlic.

Garlic peeler:

The garlic peeling machine uses high-pressure gas to directly blow off the shell of the garlic cloves and the transparent film attached to the garlic cloves. The peeler automatically removes the garlic. In order to ensure the quality of garlic powder, peeled garlic is also used.

Garlic Slicer:

Put the garlic cloves on the elevator and send them to the feeding port through the conveyor belt. Manually control the number of garlic cloves. Our garlic slicers have sharp blades.

Garlic dryer:

Use washed garlic slices to remove moisture from the surface of the garlic and shorten the drying time. Sun-dried garlic slices can be sun-dried. The dehydrated garlic slices are dried using a special heat pump dryer.

Garlic powder machine:

Our garlic powder grinders are suitable for grinding dry and brittle materials. The machine has simple structure, stable operation, high crushing efficiency and good effect, and can adjust the thickness of garlic powder. This machine is made of high-quality stainless steel material, the inside of the machine is precisely machined, the surface is smooth and easy to clean. This machine can produce food, medicine, chemical and other products that meet international standards, and meet hygienic requirements.

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