Start A Garlic Peeling And Processing Business

Garlic peeling machine business is an indispensable step in the deep processing of garlic. For example, to process garlic into garlic paste, garlic powder, garlic juice, garlic slices, etc., garlic must be peeled before deep processing. Therefore,garlic peeling machine business has become the top priority of garlic processing.

Description of garlic peeling machine business

The garlic peeling machine business is widely distributed. According to the survey, the garlic peeling business plan is distributed in major regions including Australia, North America, Europe and Asia, and the major countries include the United States, Germany, Japan and China. The peeled garlic can be sold directly in vacuum packaging, or processed into garlic sauce, garlic powder, garlic juice, garlic slices, etc. If you want to start a garlic peeling business plan, please pay attention to the following.

garlic peeling production line

Advantages of peeled garlic business

1. In the case of low investment and small scale, garlic peeling machine business can be operated. It only needs garlic peeling business plan to complete.

2. The raw materials required by the garlic peeling machine are relatively easy to obtain, because the annual output of garlic in 10 or 20 countries in the world exceeds 100,000, so the raw materials are relatively easy to obtain.

3. Water and electricity bills

The garlic peeler is powered by electricity, so it consumes electricity, and the equipment after work needs to be cleaned regularly, and it also requires a certain amount of water.

4. The market is relatively broad, so you don’t need to worry about sales, you can pack and sell it directly after peeling it or hand it over to a deep-processing manufacturer for further processing.

The cost of starting a garlic peeling business plan

1. Production workshop expenses

Before starting the peeled garlic business, a factory must be built. Funds are required for site selection and factory construction.

2. The cost of raw materials required

If you want to process a large amount of garlic, you need to buy a lot of raw materials, so you also need a purchase fee.

3. Environmental protection treatment costs

The peeled skin of garlic must be treated for environmental protection in order to pollute the air, so sewage facilities must be constructed.

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