How Do You Separate Garlic Cloves?

The separated garlic cloves are an essential step in garlic processing. The separated garlic cloves can be peeled and packaged for sale, and can also be processed into various deep-processed products such as garlic slices, garlic paste, and garlic powder. In general, the garlic processing business is carried out, and this garlic clove breaking machine has become a must-have product. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and labor-saving. So how do you separate garlic clove?

There are many ways to separate garlic cloves, but in general, there are two types: one is the home version of the method of breaking garlic cloves, and the other is how to separate garlic cloves at the factory.

How to separate garlic cloves at home

This is usually done by applying pressure to the neck of the bulb, or by placing the garlic on the table, picking up a cutting board or frying pan and slapping it, but there is a risk of damaging the tissue inside the garlic. Another method is to break it open one by one by hand, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method.

How to separate garlic cloves at the factory

The garlic bulb breaking machine used to separate garlic cloves in the factory can replace the manual separation of garlic cloves quickly, and can adjust the gap between the machines. It can separate garlic of different sizes and varieties, and the separation rate can reach 98%. %about. The operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient, and one person can complete the splitting of garlic. A must-have product for garlic processors and garlic growers.

The above is how to separate garlic. After the garlic is separated, the garlic processing plant can carry out deep processing, and the garlic growers can sow the separated garlic cloves, so the rapid separation of garlic bulbs is very important. We are the manufacturer of garlic separation machinery, if you need garlic separation machinery comments contact.

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