Garlic Processing Industry Introduction

Garlic is a common condiment on our tables and an essential ingredient for many delicacies. But have you ever wondered how garlic is processed into various forms of products? Today, let’s explore the mysteries of the garlic processing industry together.

  1. Garlic processing flow

Garlic processing usually includes steps such as washing, peeling, slicing or mincing, dehydrating, and drying. First, fresh garlic is washed to remove impurities, then the skin is removed through a garlic peeling machine, and then the garlic is cut into slices or minced through a slicer or chopper. Next, the chopped garlic is put into a dehydrator to remove the moisture, and finally the garlic is dried through drying equipment to maintain a long shelf life.

  1. Main processed products of garlic

The garlic processing industry produces a wide variety of products, mainly including peeled garlic, garlic powder, garlic slices, minced garlic, garlic oil, garlic paste, etc. Among them, garlic powder is dried garlic ground into powder, which is convenient for use in cooking; garlic slices and minced garlic are minced garlic, which can be added directly to dishes to add flavor; garlic oil is made by mixing garlic with cooking oil , has a unique aroma and nutrition; garlic sauce is a sauce made of garlic and other seasonings. It has a rich taste and is suitable for a variety of dishes.

  1. Application fields of garlic processing industry

Garlic processed products are widely used in food processing, seasoning manufacturing, pharmaceutical production and other fields. In food processing, garlic products can add flavor and improve the taste of dishes, and are widely used in seasonings, quick-frozen foods, snack foods, etc.; in pharmaceutical production, garlic is considered to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hypolipidemic effects. , often used in making health care products and medicines.

  1. Development trends of garlic processing industry

With people’s emphasis on healthy diet and the continuous development of the food industry, the garlic processing industry is also growing. In the future, with the advancement of technology, the garlic processing industry will become more intelligent and automated, producing higher quality products. At the same time, as consumers pursue natural and healthy food, organic and additive-free garlic processed products will also become a development trend.


Although the garlic processing industry is not as eye-catching as other industries, its importance in the food industry is self-evident. Through processing, garlic can not only extend its shelf life, but also improve its utilization to meet people’s needs for food and health. It is believed that with the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, the garlic processing industry will usher in better development prospects.

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