How Do You Break Garlic Easily?

Garlic can be processed into garlic powder, garlic paste, garlic flakes, etc., which have great processing value, and the value of the processed garlic itself will also increase accordingly. Therefore, many garlic growers have started garlic processing business, but the first step in garlic processing is to separate the garlic. The garlic splitting machine can replace this function. How can the garlic be split better? This article introduces

What is a garlic breaking machine?

The garlic breaking machine uses pure rubber to separate the garlic cloves artificially. The exclusive developed adjustable method can adjust the size of the gap between the rollers arbitrarily. More than 98%. The built-in fan automatically separates the garlic skin, garlic stem and garlic cloves.

Features of garlic breaking machine

  1. The double-layer rubber rollers can be adjusted to adjust the gap according to the size of the garlic to meet the processing of different garlic. High-quality switches, easy to operate and durable.
  2. The high-standard pure rubber soft roller imitates manual actions, so that the garlic balls can be peeled off without any damage to the garlic.
  3. The bakelite handwheel is smooth and beautiful to adjust, and the stripping rate is as high as 98%. It has strong practicability, power saving, high production efficiency and low failure rate.

Advantages of garlic breaking machine

  1. Less noise. It is suitable for occasions where the working environment requires such a quieter environment.
  2. Simple structure, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.
  3. It can be customized according to the processing output.
  4. It can be combined with garlic peeling machine and other machinery to form a garlic processing line to achieve continuous work.
  5. All stainless steel material, long service life, easy to clean and maintain.

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