How Does The Continuous Garlic Peeling Equipment Work?

Internationally, countries with large garlic planting areas mainly include China, Argentina, South Korea, India, the United States, France and Spain. Garlic and its products are traditional seasoning foods that people like. Nowadays, garlic can be processed into fresh garlic, garlic flakes, garlic paste, and garlic powder. Regardless of the degree of processing, garlic peeling is a key part of it. Today, let’s talk about the working principle and advantages of continuous garlic peeling equipment.

  1. Working principle of continuous garlic peeling equipment

The continuous garlic peeling equipment has a power supply of 380V. Before starting the machine, adjust the air pressure of the air compressor to 0.8mpa. Check whether there is any debris on the chain conveyor belt. After the power is turned on, press the “Start” button to ensure that the chain is The belt runs in the same direction as marked on the machine.

The garlic is divided into garlic cloves by the splitter, and the divided garlic cloves fall directly into the chain-type garlic peeling machine, and enter the peeling studio through the walking chain conveyor belt. The garlic cloves are separated by compressed air during the walking process. Fall into the receiving box by itself. The feeding speed of the feeding machine matches the speed of degassing, and the speed of the feeding machine can be adjusted manually. The motor that drives the chain-type garlic peeling equipment is equipped with a speed regulating device, which can control the working speed of the conveying chain and adjust the peeling efficiency.

  1. Advantages of chain garlic peeling equipment

The continuous garlic peeling equipment is easy to operate, stable in operation, high in efficiency and energy saving, and the peeling rate of garlic is as high as 95% (the peeling rate is closely related to the dry humidity of garlic), the peeled garlic has little damage, and the shelf life is extended. Centralized collection, clean and environmentally friendly.
The continuous garlic peeling equipment developed by our company is exported to Europe and the United States, and the effect is well recognized by customers from many countries.

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