How Is Garlic Processed?

Garlic is very popular as a seasoning, and it can make a big difference in cooking even ordinary ingredients. The garlic in it tastes pungent because of its special pungent smell, and it can enhance the freshness and flavor of cooked food after cooking with the ingredients, but peeling the garlic is a troublesome task. With the increase of labor costs, the catering industry generally directly purchases ready-made garlic. Next, let’s take a look at how garlic is processed.

  1. Garlic processing process
  • The dried garlic that has been dried in the sun is lifted and enters the garlic splitter, the garlic is divided into garlic cloves one by one, and the excess garlic skin is collected.
  • The divided garlic cloves are lifted into the chain-type garlic peeling machine, which adopts the principle of air-off type to remove the outer skin of the garlic. The peeling rate is high and the garlic is not damaged, which prolongs the fresh-keeping period of the garlic.
  • The peeled garlic is conveyed through the sorting table, and the workers pick out the garlic roots and unpeeled garlic. Garlic rice enters the bubble cleaning machine, and the garlic rice is washed by bubbling.
  • Then it enters the bubble washing machine containing sterilizing liquid, so that the garlic is strictly sterilized to ensure food safety.
  • After the sterilized garlic is rinsed again, it is transported into a customized multi-step air knife air dryer, and the moisture on the surface of the garlic is dried by strong wind.
  • Then the garlic enters the packaging process, and the packaging is completed by a multi-head weighing packaging machine.
  1. Garlic processing equipment

The complete garlic processing production line equipment mainly includes hoist, garlic splitter machine, hoist, chain garlic peeler machine, conveyor belt, 3 bubble cleaners (cleaning, sterilizing and rinsing respectively), air knife air dryer, packaging machine etc.

The garlic processing solution is the core solution of our company. The peeling rate of garlic is over 95%. The peeled garlic avoids damage and prolongs the fresh-keeping period and shelf life. The overall solution has high processing efficiency and saves energy. The peeling device The processing environment is guaranteed. It has been recognized and trusted by customers for many years.

If you want to know more about garlic processing, please feel free to call us. At the same time, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company’s R&D factory.

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