Introduction Of Garlic Peeling Machine Commercial

The outer skin of garlic has no use value, and it brings great inconvenience to our eating and processing. In daily life, peeling off the garlic skin is the biggest problem, because the garlic cloves are very small, and the garlic skin sometimes sticks tightly to the body of the garlic, which is particularly difficult to handle. For garlic processing plants, if they choose to peel garlic manually, it will cost a lot of labor and time. Therefore, the research and development of garlic peeling machine commercial is to solve these processing problems. The following is an introduction to the garlic peeling machine commercial.

Description Of Garlic Peeling Machine Commercial

The industrial garlic peeling machine adopts the principle of pneumatic peeling, fully dry peeling. The processor can directly feed the dried garlic into the hopper, and automatically peel the petals without mechanical damage to the whole head of garlic. The peeling rate of dried garlic can reach more than 95%. And it is suitable for a variety of applications from various occasions, and can be applied to various occasions such as central kitchens, large restaurants, schools, and hotels. Including two types, barrel type garlic peeler and chain type garlic peeler. All can be customized according to the needs of processing output.

Features And Advantages Of Garlic Peeling Machine Commercial

  1. The peeling rate is relatively high, which can be as high as 95% and above, without damage to the surface of the garlic, and keeps the garlic intact.
  2. Made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean the garlic oil attached to the surface of the peeler.
  3. The energy consumption is relatively low, which can reduce the waste of resource costs.
  4. It can be combined with other mechanical garlic peeling production lines to achieve continuous production.

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