What Equipment Does The Garlic Peeling Processing Line Include?

Garlic is often eaten as a condiment in our daily life. Although garlic tastes pungent and stimulating, it has a different flavor when paired with various foods. However, garlic processing is a big problem that people experience, and it takes a lot of time to separate and peel garlic. Therefore, the garlic peeling production line is designed to solve these problems as the core, which can realize the mechanized production of garlic and reduce the waste of labor and time costs. So what equipment does the garlic peeling processing line include? Let me explain to you below.

Garlic peeling processing line includes garlic garlic splitter, garlic peeler, garlic washing machine, garlic drying machine and garlic packaging machine, etc. The specific machinery is described as follows:

  1. Garlic splitter

The garlic splitter is the front-end equipment of the garlic peeler. The electric motor is used as the power to drive the rubber plate to rotate through the V-belt. During the rotation process, the two rubber plates form a gap from large to small. Through the gradually increasing speed, random flexible variable force rubbing is formed during the processing of garlic, so that Realize the effect of simulating manual splitting. Garlic of different specifications can be processed by adjusting the distance between the rubber rollers, and the built-in fan can separate the crushed garlic skin, garlic stem and garlic cloves during processing.

  1. Garlic Peeling Machine

The commonly used garlic peeling machine is chain-type. It adopts the current international advanced garlic processing technology and is equipped with an air compressor. It uses high-pressure air to remove the garlic skin and place it separately from the garlic. The garlic peeling rate is as high as 95%. The peeled garlic has no scars on the surface, meets the national hygienic standard, and meets the export conditions.

  1. Cleaning and disinfection machinery

According to the needs of cleaning and sterilization, more than 3 cleaning machines are equipped to complete the steps of garlic cleaning after peeling, sterilizing liquid sterilization, and secondary cleaning.

  1. Garlic drying machine

The cleaned and sterilized garlic is dried by a customized layered air knife air dryer to dry the moisture on the surface of the garlic to facilitate packaging and extend the shelf life of fresh garlic.

  1. Garlic packing machine

Garlic is generally packaged by a multi-head weighing packaging machine, and the packaging form is canned.

The above is the introduction of the garlic peeling processing line. If you are interested in garlic processing, you are welcome to call us at any time to obtain exclusive garlic processing solutions. We also have garlic paste, garlic powder, garlic flakes and other processing solutions waiting for you.

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